“In my career as an attorney, I have worked with many COO professionals. Jerry is probably the best in Atlanta. I met Jerry Robinson when he was working for one of my Clients, and he produced excellent results. Jerry will tell you what you need to hear, which is not always what you want to hear, and he will tell you, and show you, how to fix it. A dollar spent with Jerry will come back a thousandfold. Jerry is tough, and intelligent. He can navigate anything. I give Jerry my highest recommendation.”

- Margaret Fernandez, Chief Counsel, The Fernandez Law Firm, A Business and Technology Law Firm, 678.566.3666,

“I’ve come to recognize in my life that there are people who are ‘energy vampires’. They suck up your time with their false promises, insecurities and negativism and leave you exhausted at the end of the day. Then there are people like Jerry Robinson. Jerry is what I like to call an ‘energy donor’ – i.e., someone who generously gives time to others and leaves them feeling more optimistic, more relaxed and more confident in their ability to tackle the tough issues. It’s been my privilege to meet Jerry through our membership in Mindshop International. He is an experienced businessman with a track record of leading and helping companies grow their business the right way. I encourage you to read Jerry’s book, Second in Command, to gain a better understanding of his optimistic outlook on business and life. I would recommend Jerry without reservation to any business that is looking for a proven advisor who has ‘dug in the trenches’. Jerry Robinson won’t just tell you what to do, he will show you.”

- Mark Ellsworth, CPA, ARe, AMSF, Business Coach and Facilitator, Growth & Profit Solutions (GPS), Cain Ellsworth & Co., LLP

“Spend some time with Jerry, or read his book, and you will know he is a business leader with an exceptional ability to transform a business inside and out. Jerry’s depth of knowledge in business operations and growth, combined with his energizing outlook on life is a winning formula. The only question you will be asking yourself after meeting Jerry is ‘why you did not work with him sooner.’”

- Lora (Curtin) Coughlin, Senior Director, Chief of Staff at
Global Payments, Inc.

“My business partner and I immediately felt at ease working with Jerry on our start up.  We needed an objective outsider to start us out on the right foot and continue to guide us in our business planning and growth.  Jerry has a wealth of knowledge to share, from business principles to very specific practices.  Whenever we meet I leave with new understandings and new resources to apply to my issues.   Jerry actively listens to our concerns and defines how our time together is intended to be used.  His fulfillment of those goals comes in the form of questions to ask ourselves, concrete examples from his experiences, and what steps are needed to take place after we leave.  We are very happy to have an advisor who will be there for us through our evolution as a business.

When reviewing my decisions with Jerry I always feel I have his complete attention, that he is adding value to my company with his thoughtful review of the situation, and that he defines integrity itself.”

- Janet Armstrong
Partner, Seize Creative