Make a practice of asking your leadership and staff for the best example of somebody living up to a company value.  You can do this one-on-one or during team meetings.

Incorporate company values and the behaviors that support them in your staffing process.  Ask applicants behavior-based questions that inform you of their compatibility with the practices that support your values.

Incorporate the behaviors that support your values in any formal performance assessment.

Embed company values into your coaching conversations through impact statements and coaching questions.

Most importantly, as mentioned above, familiarize yourself and your employees with the behaviors that support the company values and reinforce the supporting behaviors when you see them.

“In the face of turbulence and change, culture and values become the major source of continuity and coherence, of renewal and sustainability.  Leaders must be institution-builders who imbue the organization with meaning that inspires today and endures tomorrow.  They must find an underlying purpose and a strong set of values that serve as a basis for longer-term decisions even in the midst of volatility . . . Indeed, emphasizing purpose and values helps leaders support and facilitate self-organizing networks that can respond quickly to change because they share an understanding of the right thing to do.”

— Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Adding Values to Valuations: Indra Nooyi and Others as Institution-Builders



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